28 Ocak 2013 Pazartesi


Noone minded actually of the wrath of the sea for the crew's burden was heavy; full of good intentions as we approached to the harbour safely. It was raining like cats and dogs, though we didn't care at all. Strolling around Mesta, Pirgi and Avgonimo, we were singing with joy. And with great ethusiasm, we had a bite of the sweetest sin and swallowed Panagioti's home made souma as a huge smile appeared and prospered on our cheeks. 

12 Ocak 2013 Cumartesi

Taking another step forwards

probably eased my anxiety today. He was singing as I put a spell in the pan. So simple, so direct, so natural it was.  Need to admit that penetrating through his capillaries is simply a great journey and I sure appreciate every second of this sacred unification of our souls. Yet, I feel that there is more to come! Just the thought of it is enough to have a permanent smile on my face.  I will be feeding the fire as long as he feeds my hopes. (crossing my fingers of course!)

8 Ocak 2013 Salı

't was an oxymoron actually

that he was holding like a dew with his strong hands. Although at that very moment I totally thought that he was quite sincere by wearing such a childish look which faded away eventually. As usual, I felt extremely clean for he let me in to his green pastures by the skirt of his majesty's high mountains. I couldn't stop to smile as if it was a way of praying! The shore looked like a soft blanket that was systematically covered by the ebb and flow. Though, we didn't mind at all to the upcoming waves. Words, words, words; whatever tools they were; we were happy.